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An interdisciplinary network between specialists from various fields was created physicians, managers, psychologists, experts in physical education, etc. Strategies and initiatives aimed at education, training, expertise and research, are concerning with priority health promotion at the work place. Among the IIHP programs, the training of the staff involved in sports management is included.

IIHP initiatives will also be beneficial for the future students: a European summer school is planned in the coming years.

Key words: IIHP, education, training. S-a realizat o reţea interdisciplinară între specialişti din diverse domenii medici, manageri, psihologi, experţi în educaţie fizică etc. Iniţiativele şi strategiile vizând educaţia, training-ul, expertiza şi cercetarea privesc prioritar promovarea sănătăţii la locul de muncă.

Între programele IIHP figurează training-ul personalului implicat în gestionarea sportului. Astfel, Asociaţia germană pentru spor- turi legate de sănătate afiliată la IIHP a organizat în workshop-uri cu o durată de 9 zile.

De asemenea, de iniţiative ale IIHP vor beneficia în viitor şi studenţii: o școală europeană de vară este planificată în următorii ani. Cuvinte cheie: IIHP, educaţie, training. In times when international networks and global alliances experts, etc. These individuals are multiplying, the existence of the International Institute for and organizations represent a variety of sectors, i.

Rolul Kinetoterapiei Functionale

However, at corporate, government, non-governmental organizations a second glance the Institute has undergone an extraordinary NGOs. Founded at American University dedicated its main focus to continuing education and to in Washington DC back in when health promotion as a the development and advancement of the current and future field was very young it still is in some countriesthe IIHP professionals within the field of health promotion and health is a global cooperative that is comprised of select academic promotion management throughout the world.

Therefore the institutions, national and multinational corporations, private IIHP mission reads as follows: foundations and professional associations, and world thought leaders in the field of health promotion. While the IIHP is not The IIHP has the mission to continually enhance and ad- an association with formal membership and by-laws, it has vance the educational preparation and training of health pro- attracted renowned professionals from different disciplines motion professionals by strategically maximizing the intel- and many countries.

Health promotion has a multi-disci- lectual resources of select academic institutions, private sector plinary foundation and for programs to be successful inter- organizations, and informed individuals.

Slăbire; Le coKon - Centru de îngrijire a feței și a corpului Ca regulă generală. Pierderea în greutate și întreținerea cu succes pierderea grăsimii corporale odată cu vârsta. Avem o abordare complexă.

This can be achieved disciplinary and intersectoral collaboration is essential. This initiative was developed out of the need for Therefore, in order to show that there is an economic benefit international standards given the many different existing of programs, evaluation is crucial.

A common core curriculum will also enhance A global need for intensive training for corporate opportunities for academic exchange, research projects professionals has been identified.

Therefore, some of the and other collaborative projects.

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At the IIHP meeting at first pilot training programs are targeted to the workplace the University of Heidelberg — the European Center of the and geared toward the local practitioner.

These programs IIHP — in Germany in a core curriculum was agreed are designed as workshops, from 2 days to 9 days. Upon successful completion participants curriculum. The core curriculum also abides by the received an IIHP certificate. The core with Indian professionals.

This workshop will run over two curriculum includes the following areas: days in order to align with the predetermined pre-congress course format. The wider public and the It should be emphasized that the agreement was related to training participants need to be made aware of the value of a core curriculum and that enough flexibility exists to tailor the the core curriculum and the number of established institutions various modules to the given country or region.

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For example, endorsing it. As next steps curriculum initiative through summer schools, exchanges, it was agreed that member institutions explore opportunities to joint degree programs and research projects.

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While acade-mic implement the curriculum in-country as well as explore joint visits and exchanges have been practiced by IIHP members training programs, e. As a first step, the organization of a European summer school is A number of IIHP-affiliated institutions have ex-pressed an planned for or Due to the established structures interest in workplace vibrează centrul de slăbire în faridabad promotion WHPwhich reaches and funding possibilities in Europe, this region seems the a large number of people and integrates multiple aspects and most favorable to test the IIHP summer school.

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However, WHP is The IIHP encourages institutions and individuals to join not a simple process to implement, therefore it is essential to this global effort for the standardization of health pro-motion provide training programs to the professionals vibrează centrul de slăbire în faridabad would be training and welcomes input on how to adapt the curriculum implementing various elements of WHP and equip them with and implement in-country training sessions.

Currently, the duty of implementing WHP programs is mostly taken over by human resources or medical staff, who often lack training in the field of WHP. Therefore, it is essential to provide aplicatii de slabire programs in order to enhance the effectiveness of WHP programs.

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